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  • Take your business to the next level with visual content?

  • Stand out with your unique story so your clients connect with you from the start

  • Get your message across in a more impactful and authentic way

With my help showcase your unique products and client experience through styling and creative direction with your visuals.  You have a brand with story to tell, I will create visuals through creative direction, styling and branding strategy to help you sell your products, attract and inspire your ideal audience



Photography and creative direction that resonates with your audience to help you feature your latest products through your website and social media.



Photography and/or film that connects and engages your audience and grows your brand and business based on your brand story and message. 

Some examples of how I can help you



Social Media Content Creation

Look Books

Behind the scenes



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More than just a photoshoot


I create a visual inspiration with a secret Pinterest board for us to share. The goal is to define the brand colours, mood, emotions, themes, story you want in your images.


These are the days where the visual content is created. We will work from a schedule and plan created through the earlier steps. I will be joined by a team to create the best conditions for the filming and/or photoshoot

3.Post Production

This is were your images are edited to a professional level, images and videos are tailored for your social media content, website, and other outlets. You will have one round of revision for any further editing after visualising the edited images.


If you feel that I am a great fit for your brand, I would be more than happy to meet you in person, or have a chat on the phone to discuss how I could help your brand .

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Rachel xx


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