How overwhelmed do you feel right now? I know you are because this is how I feel. As solo entrepreneurs, we have so much on our plate. My dream is to have someone dealing with all my social media stuff so that I can focus on my main strength the photography and the creative direction I offer to clients. 

You know that your business is special, you’ve put your heart into it but it doesn’t show right now!

Your business should be standing out of the crowd, unfortunately it’s lost among a lot of other businesses. Your aim is to stand out by selling YOU, for people to buy you and what your brand represents. 

They could as well choose another wedding planner, designer, florist, designer, you want to show them that everything from your brand to your offering aligns, get them to trust you, being authentic, and have the power to offer them the value and help they’re after to reach their goals.

You’re the whole package; you’re not just a service, an entrepreneur, a creative. You are a personality and a lifestyle, someone who sets aspirations for what your ideal client can aim to feel working with you. 

Your challenge right now is for these intentions to transcend into your business. How can you draw your ideal client to your website, social media, and stay to connect with you and what you do?


1. Be consistent with your branding; everything has to align with your logo, copy, colours, and your images. Consistency will help develop trust, show your expertise and being professional

2. Tell a story, last week I was talking about Seth Godin talking about developing an emotional connection with your audience.  The way to do that is by telling your story, the behind the scenes, the process, the experience and the most important YOU.

3. Your social media requires a lot of visual content and has to be thought as part of your brand, you don’t want your brand being diluted with irrelevant content posted on social media.

You need an array of images that you can use and remix for your social media content, images that are showstoppers but also feature your product, highlight the experience  to create a connection.

When you think about all of this it makes you cringe as you don’t know how to deal with your visual content and photography is not a skill you want to focus on right now you need help. 

What can a (personal) branding photoshoot do for me?

Investing into a personal branding photoshoot will give you time to focus on what you’re good at and give you peace of mind that the images created are telling the right message, are unique and working for your brand. 

A branding photoshoot doesn’t stop at your portrait, the idea is to create a visual journey for your brand, from you as the face behind the business to your products but not only it’s about creating emotions through the experience you’re giving, inviting your ideal audience into your unique world.

The images will be your first point of connection and for your audience to decide if they want to read more and connect with you. How does that sound?

PS. So why not let me help you?

What ever your challenge with visual content, we can start having a conversation about the challenge you’re facing on creating on brand visual content. You’re free to have the conversation and move on or decide to work with me.

If your brand deserves to be featured at it’s best, connecting with the right audience, with visuals that tell a story from the heart, then book a free discovery for me to help you make your visual content an essential element in your branding.