I can see you cringe already. The idea of having one headshot is already painful but having to choose more than one looks like a challenge. You know what? It doesn't have to be! My mission is to make the process as smooth as possible but let's start with why you need more than one. Clients need to see your brand 20 times before feeling familiar with you. If they repeatedly see the same headshot, they blank you out quickly.

What to include in your headshot list

Portrait Orientation Headshots

What is a portrait headshot? It's basically in the same format as a portrait of how you would hold your phone. These portraits are pretty tight, with not much space around them. They focus on the face or three-quarter body for personal branding portraits. What are vertical headshots best for?

  • Social media profiles where you need a square image
  • Linkedin profile
  • All other social media profiles, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snap Chat etc.…
  • On your about page next to your text
  • For magazine features
  • On your newsletter etc.…

Landscape orientation headshot

Yes, having a headshot formatted for a tv or laptop screen can have its benefit. Television screens and laptops give a landscape view. These horizontal headshots are best for

  • Banner images on your website
  • Banner images on social media profiles and Linkedin
  • Images where you can add additional text
  • Allows negative space to the right or the left, allowing you to create different creative layouts combining other graphics or prints like in an example.
  • A horizontal headshot helps you connect with your audience through the third rule.
  • More cropping options

Make client feels like they know you already

It doesn't have to end with a headshot. A headshot used to be a head and shoulder shot that you might have used on your passport. Luckily, the headshot has freed itself from being size constrained! Have you ever visited a website that used stock photography? Did you trust them, try to connect, did you feel they had something to hide?

Instead of using stock photos, have a picture of you on every page of your website like

  • on your home page, could be a banner image
  • on your about page
  • On your services/info page
  • on your contact page.

It will invite your audience not only to connect with you but also to know you better. Show yourself with a different expression, a different outfit. These images that you will create for your brand will not only show

  • Consistency
  • Authority
  • Being approachable and professional

But you also invite your audience to read more about you and get in touch.

Having different headshots for your personal branding photography is to develop consistency and trust and give your other audience expressions so they feel they know you already and keep their interest growing.

So you see, a headshot portrait session can be a smooth process when you know why you have a headshot session and how you can make the most for your personal brand.

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