If you have followed me for some time, you might have wondered about my process when working with a client on their branding photo shoot, what's involved, and what you would be required to do.

Today is your opportunity to go behind the scenes with me and understand the process and how to prepare, to get what you want from a branding photo shoot.


The essential elements at this stage are to have a conversation together to make sure we are a perfect match for each other.You also need to be clear about your brand and your business. If you haven't got a clue yet about what you want to do, who you're serving and have a vision about your brand, you might as well hold on before working with me. Your money might be better spent elsewhere.We can start working together if you've ticked the boxes for these two elements.


The questionnaire is essential for me to understand your brand, not just your logo. I want to get a feel for your brand's vibe and mood of your brand, and it would be great if you had a branding style kit to share with me at this stage. If not, I will create one for you. The questionnaire will allow you to explain the mission behind your brand, the type of images you're after, and what you need your pictures for? i.e. your website, blog posts, social media, how many styled images to use as stock photography, what kind of props you want to use, what you want to say about the behind-the-scenes, and the most essential your portraits.


From the questionnaire, we will shape up a story for your photoshoot. It starts by creating a secret board on Pinterest, pinning ideas for inspiration on what you want your brand to look like, colour tones, ideal locations and outfit ideas, and pin images as a reference. I often mention that I can be in your head, and sometimes what I imagine is not what you had in mind. Communication is critical at this stage, but it's also great fun to work together on the creative process with the mood board keeping all your brand elements in mind.


We will have another conversation talking through the mood board to make sure we are on the same page. From the discussion and the mood board, I will outline a schedule for the day of the photoshoot. Then, I will create a scenario matching the outfits with the locations, setting scenes for styled photos and your portraits. The idea is to have a clear plan for the day to give you peace of mind, make it a fun day, and help you relax in front of the camera, knowing that there's a great purpose behind all this.


I will make a selection of the best images and edit them. I will send you the collection ten days after the photo shoot for you to request any further edits if needed. It'sIt's also an opportunity for you to tell me which images you would like to use. I will help you prepare the pictures with the correct sizes for your posts and social media. At this stage, we can also outline a brochure with your images, and create a slideshow.

When I onboard a client for a branding photoshoot, it's the start of a collaboration. Before the photo shoot, I help you with the creative process to tell your brand story in visuals. Imagine me as the creative director behind your brand. It's not just about choosing a location or any outfit at random. Everything has to align with your brand, and that's where I come into play. Think of me as a conductor. I bring all your brand elements together to tell a visual story that will help you connect with your ideal audience and start a conversation with your tribe.

This thorough process is essential for a successful branding photoshoot. This is your opportunity to make your brand stand out from the crowd, connecting the copy with the images and creating unique visuals.

It'sIt's worth putting all the effort in before you create images that will make your brand stand out as everything will work in harmony, presenting a consistent brand!

PS. If you need help telling your brand story in images, book a free consultation with me to help you starting off in the right direction.