Kasey, the owner of Sweet Cakey Thing used to work at the BBC before following her passion for baking. She started making cakes and says that she wants people to eat cake every day without feeling guilty, so Kasey bakes with only natural ingredients. She creates her signature free from cake pots, which contain no wheat, dairy, gluten or refined sugar – and they’re amazing! Even my husband eats them with enjoyment- he’s never been able to eat “free-from” foods before now.


Onboarding a photoshoot client begins with a complementary consultation. The process, what’s involved, and setting expectations are what we discuss during the consultation, to see if the fit between us is suitable for both of our brands.

The real work starts once you decide to come on board! It’s a collaboration. We started with a thorough branding questionnaire so we could understand Kasey’s brand goals:

  • Who is her ideal client?
  • What makes the business unique.
  • How she wanted photos that reflected this.

This groundwork helped us during our photo shoot because it gave us direction for capturing images.

This work is the foundation of any branding photoshoot. It’s not just about pressing a button on a camera, but more than that – it creates direction for your visuals and helps you become visible while sharing a fantastic story. This part cannot be led to guesswork!

After completing the questionnaire, we worked through a schedule for our photoshoot and to lay down some groundwork. Kasey’s work was to find the right locations, source all of her props like ingredients she needed for our brand shoot, and find models who could tell great stories indulging on Sweat Cakey Thing Pots. I did my part by mapping out every step in the process and planning how everything would go on set during each scene.


We already had done so much planning before the photoshoot and created a schedule to make sure we captured all of Kasey’s desired images for her brand. The fun began when I styled the ingredients for each of the pots and then moved on to work with models and have them indulge in Sweet Casey Thing cakes. The scenes were set outdoors like a picnic scene, but all about indulgence instead!

I finished with Kasey’s personal branding shots, setting her against a pink backdrop and letting her show off the boisterous and fun personality that she brings to Sweet Cakey Thing in 100% of our images. We used some props to tell the story of both elements: the pots and being personable on camera for each photoshoot.

The way you present your brand story can have a huge impact on how people perceive it. A great example of this is the mouth-watering brand Sweet Cakey Thing, who decided to hire us for their branding photoshoot so they could tell their story with compelling photos and have a plethora of images for their website, social media and PR.I planned and worked through the entire shoot with her to create images that would help sell her delicious products and her passion for baking. If you’re looking to take your business’ marketing up a notch or two, get in touch and complete the form below.

“I was so impressed with your passion and your desire to create an enjoyable shoot with beautiful photos. Incredibly reliable safe and creative pair of hands. Thank you so much for being such an awesome partner on my first shoot for Sweet Cakey Thing. I am absolutely delighted with the photos and can’t wait to show them off. Thank you so much xxxx”

— Kasey Clarke, Sweet Cakey Thing